Thursday, April 27, 2017

~a mothers day story~

our selection for a mothers day book was~

it was a small but cozy evening around carols table while we enjoyed good food and conversation. although only 1/2 of us were present, that didn't stop us from enjoying our mothers day selection.
our thoughts were the following~
beverly 4
carol ~ religious, resilient, amazing~ 3.5
cindy ~ religious, uplifting, heart warming~ 4
jain ~ sorrow, admiration, remarkable~ 5
marla 4.5
virginia ~ amazing, amazing, amazing~ 5

group average 4.3


  1. I just started "the waiting" and am hoping to have read it by early next week. I have it out from the Bookmobile and it's overdue because there's a hold on it. I'm thinking that hold is from a fellow DBBC member; but, i forgot to ask Nicole or Terry. So, if one of you was expecting to get the waiting from the bookmobile on 4/5, i'm the reason you're disappointed and i'll be glad to get it to you early next week. Regards, Carol

  2. I will not be at book club this month. I am going with Barbara to the Plein Air Convention in San Diego. We're doing a " road trip" art adventure!! Have fun, we'll miss you! Sally P

  3. I will not be able to make this one. See you in May!
    Mary Kay

  4. I will be there. I will bring something with apples

  5. I am coming, not sure what bringing, have not read book yet for inspiration! Will let you know wed....

  6. This is Cindy. I will be there and will probably bring pizza.

  7. I am bringing an appetizer.