Thursday, March 23, 2017

~a native american book~

our selection for a native american book was~

it is always a treat to meet at julies house, it is so alive and vibrant with color and art, starting the moment you reach the front door...

even larose made a special appearance in our dining~

our discussion was varied as usual, but with a pretty strong split down the middle and quite a role reversal of opinions, those that normally love all books detesting it, and those that are more fussy to give high marks really enjoying it which made for a very interesting evening. we decided that the three words will carry forward as it helps to clarify quickly how we all feel about our selections.

beverly 3
carol 4.5
ellen ~ dark, couldn't do
 taf 4 ~ heartbreaking, haunting, atonement
jain 2 ~ disjointed, disconnected, disappointing
julie 2.5 ~ gobble, dee, gook
mary kay 4 ~ juxtaposition, meandering, powerful
sally 4 ~ funny, historical, blended
sally paul 4.5 ~ reservation, ancestors, forgiveness
virginia 2 ~ repetitive, boring, too descriptive

group avg