Thursday, December 15, 2016

~an uplifting book for the holidays~

our selection for an uplifting holiday book was~

what a wonderful evening we had at bevs! her home was gorgeous, dressed in greens and silver, glistening and just waiting for us all, including these beautiful hand made Christmas fir soaps...

the food was sublime, everyone really made this an extra special evening!

including the little chocolate mice...

a special thanks to bev for such a beautiful evening, the food, our gifts, it was all spectacular and thanks to cindy for adding the extra merriment for everyone too with mittens to muffs!

our book had mixed reviews, yet still ranked high, what we all agreed upon is next november we will select a person to create our very first 12 days of magic! we all loved the message, it was very touching to hear barb say how long it took her to get into the chirstmas spirit after her father passed,  surely this kind action would help to change someones life for the better.
our votes were the following~
barbara 5
beverly 4
carol 3
cindy 2
ellen 5
jain 4.5
julie 3.5
mary kay 4
sally 4.5
sally paul 5
virginia 5

group average

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  1. Absolutely beautiful home and decorating. Okay, I have no pride, she is my daughter and I'm so proud of her talents. MAMA