Friday, January 27, 2017

~a political thriller~

our selection for a political thriller was~

our book created a very lively and off topic, or was it now, evening of chatter! with each persons rating a quick volley was interjected, bottom line is that we all enjoyed the book for what it was in a perfectly timed genre.
our group ratings were the following...

barbara 4.5
carol 4
cindy 4.5
ellen 4.5
   ...taf 4...
jain  4.5
julie 4
marla 4.5
mary kay 3.5
sally 4.5
virginia 4.5
 group average 4.35


  1. I will be there and I will bring soup

  2. I will be present with cheese and crackers.

  3. I will be there and will bring a chicken and pineapple salad.
    Happy New Year!
    Mary Kay

  4. Sorry I'm late replying, yes, I plan to be there and will bring a salad or side dish. Regards, carol

  5. I am working in Oakland and not sure if I will be home in time.
    If I do come I will bring white wine and some sort of already made
    appetizer. Beverly

  6. Sorry to be late in RSVPing!! I'm not going to make this one.....will be out of town. But I read the book and liked it. I'll give it a 4.
    Thanks and see you next month!

  7. Hey, thank you Barbara. I Had a wonderful time.i think I forgot to mention to all that I saw the movie "A man called Ove" and thought it held up and was loyal to the book and well acted. Carol