Thursday, November 17, 2016

~a non fiction book~

our selection for a non fiction book and movie was~

despite the heaviness of the topic of our book, carol out did herself with the perfect concession stand and everyone arrived with delicious food as always!

our book tonight split our group quite clearly, it was either a love or hate situation. those that opted out on bevs rule could not get past the simplistic writing in the first third of the book. everyone who read the book agreed it was not well written, but for those that rated it a 5 they voted on the story, not the delivery. for those that stayed on and skipped the book they did prefer the movie, even though some felt it was slow. sally suggested we google irena and watch some of her many utube videos.

our votes were the following
utilizing the bev rule
barbara 5
beverly 3
cindy 5
jain 5
julie 3
mary kay 5
sally 2
sally paul 5

group avg


  1. I will be present with popcorn and/or candy bars for the movie. Cindy

  2. I will be there. Not sure what I will be bringing right now. I will decide soon

  3. I will be there! Bringing an appetizer and a bottle of wine.
    Mary Kay

  4. I am bringing puffed pastry pigs in a blanket appetizer
    and a bottle of white wine.

  5. I'll be there and will bring stuffed mushrooms and a bottle of wine.

  6. I'll be there and will bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine.

  7. I will be there and I'll bring apple bread and white wine.