Thursday, September 29, 2016

~a book set by the sea~

it's our second annual beach party!
our selection for a book set by the sea was~

i hope everyone had as much fun as i did! the weather was typical dillon beach, cold and blowing, but we all braved the evening, bundled up, drank up and chatted up the evening by a toasty campfire!

as easy as finding true north, we always know our point of direction to the buffet table!

julie and cindy provided a little dinner theater for us all~

nice work girls, i am sure you worked up an appetite for dessert!

once again i think we all had a fabulous time!
oh yeah the book, yeah, sure, we read it!
it was a mixed bag for everyone, but i think we all enjoyed the location, the physical element of the book and the vast array of issues she tackled from abandonment to accepting oneself.
our ratings were the following~
beverly 3.5
cindy 4
ellen 4
jain 3.5
julie 3
mary kay 4
sally 4
sally paul 5
virginia 2

group average