Thursday, August 25, 2016

~a science fiction book~

our selection for a science fiction book was~

for the first time we enjoyed meeting at the café tonight. it was discussed that next year ALL members will pick a month to host, if your house is to small, or you prefer not to have us over, then you can select a field trip or use the café as your go to spot, this way every member contributes in their own way to host us all.

if it is your month to host, it will be up to you to coordinate the entire event. we all know things come up, but if you need to opt out of your month, please try switching with another and/or find a substitute host as quickly as possible.
OY, we all hated it, what more can I say! ones from everyone but ellen, who at least wanted to pick it up, even if she didn't like! it is officially our worst book of the year :-(
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