Thursday, July 28, 2016

~a book set in a winery~

our selection for a book set in a winery was

and it was our first field trip!
thanks so much to bill and julie for delivering everyone safe and sound to a our gorgeous destination~

everyone settled in quickly to enjoy the warm balmy evening with wine and appetizers. a very special thank you to brad and judy for allowing us to enjoy this after hours evening, it truly was magical!

I must say even though our book was about wine, hence our selected destination, it was the first time we really had to pull ourselves away from the enjoyment of the evening to even touch on the book! it was a very quick discussion, i think everyone was just too relaxed and happy to want to dive deep into our book!

several of us really enjoyed the book, we all agreed it wasn't about the writing, for those that rated it high it was the story and the sheer enjoyment of learning, for those not content it was because of her style of writing, very much like a text book that left them cold. hot or cold, the bottom line is i think everyone would agree it was one of our finest meetings in a truly glorious setting! we are all very lucky to live at the beach and have such diversity around us, it was a joy to get out and taste it~

barbara 4
bev 4.5
carol 3.5
cindy 4
jain 5
mary kay 3
sally 1
sally paul 5
virginia 3

group average 3.67