Thursday, June 30, 2016

~woman's fiction~

our selection for womens fiction was ~

 what a wonderful evening at mutton manor! it is always a treat to get to visit virginias cozy victorian. when we walked in we were greeted with the smells of the bakery, instantly we were transported to germany with anna and trudy and the fresh scent of warm bread and those delicious cinnamon rolls.

 after a fabulous round of margaritas and dinner we moved on to the parlor to discuss our book at hand. it was an all around good discussion, from sex, love and stockholm syndrome, to burying your past so deep you cannot find your future. it was a multi layered book shocking many of us to our core. those that save us ties with firebird for our highest rating this year, our votes were the following~
barbara 5
beverly 5
carol 4
christy 4
ellen 4
jain 5
julie 4
mary kay 5
sally 4
sally paul 5
virginia 5

group average 4.58