Thursday, May 26, 2016

~a book set in another country~

our selection for a book set in another country was~

what a glorious evening we had at cindy's! the night could not have been more perfect for a garden party, as we rounded the corner our eyes were meet with a profusion of garden colors and our pretty pink setting nestled under the magnificent weeping willow.

cindy was the perfect garden hostess

 down to the tiny pink details~

the dynamic duo was in rare form arguing over spider man...

we cannot thank moose's mom enough

for such a delightful evening!


our book got off to a slow start for all of us, but for those that hung in there we felt rewarded in the end. tackling many topics from prejudice, homosexuality, womens suffrage, betrayal, love and loss, all set within the momentum of war it engaged many of us as the pages began to turn deep into the story. our ratings were the following

barbara 4
beverly 3.5
carol 5
cindy 4
hillary 5
jain 5
julie 4
sally 5
sally paul 5
virginia 3

group average 4.28