Thursday, April 28, 2016

~a memoir~

our selection for a memoir was~

we jumped right into the 60s themed food, with her named cocktail...

to pcychedelic party food

even a bit of mockingbird pie~

including her favorite banana cake

 quite surprisingly, this book was very polarizing within in our little book club, although it was very favorably voted in, it had a very negative feeling for many members. one resounding played out sentence over and over was "who cares". they felt she had no reason to a write book, that she hadn't accomplished anything in her life to warrant a book, that she threw everyone under the bus, named dropped and only wrote a book because she needed money and she had connections to get a book deal.

in the minority, i appreciated the fact she sat down in her 70s and decided to write her own story, verses all the countless biographies written about her, who better to tell her own lyrical story. i thought she was brave to share her beast publicly for us all to see into her soul. my opinion on anyones biography, from the famous to the unknown, is everyone has a story to share and i am sure its a difficult and vulnerable process for all. with an estimated net worth of 45 million, money never seamed in play to me and as for name dropping, if you are living that life, its just your life, just because we may know who she speaks about didn't affect me in the least. with such diverse opinions on the book, our results were~
barbara 4
beverly 4
carol 2.5
christy 1.5
cindy 3.5
hillary 1
jain 5
julie 2.5
mary kay 1
sally 2.5
sally paul 4.5
virginia 2.5

group average 3.05