Thursday, March 31, 2016

~a book published in the last 6 months~

our selection for a new book in the last 6 months was~

this evening we discussed the clubs perimeters, it was agreed that we have a cap of 16 members and that no new members will be allowed until further discussions, even if members retire, or more likely die ;-),  we will not seek new membership, it has been noted that a smaller group is much more intimate for discussions and logistics. we reiterated ANY prior member is ALWAYS welcome back, once a member, you are always a member~

we all agreed meeting new people has been a plus, but there are other viable social structures that can be started for those that want to facilitate more friendships in the community, perhaps another book club, a hiking club, gourmet cooking or beach walking groups, unfortunately the book club can not sustain all the socializing needs of our unique community. mary kay offered to be the point person for congealing other ideas, including posting at the post office and recruiting at next door.

we also agreed that any guests must be approved prior through the hostess, no one knows better than she if she has enough glassware for 8 or 18!

some simple requests i would like to restate is to please use the blog to acknowledge if you are or are not coming to the meeting. i start each post with all 16 names, i delete those that are not coming and i place an X by those coming, anyone who has not rsvped stays on the list so the hostess has a maximum potential. if you are bringing a guest, after the hostesses approval, please leave a comment for the group so i can add them into the list and we can adjust our cooking... like this group will ever run out of food!

after ironing out our club details we voted the following

beverly 5
carol 5
christy 4
cindy 5
ellen 5
jain 5
jeri 5
julie 4.5
mary kay 4
sally 4.5
sally paul 5
suzette 4.5
virginia 2.5

group avg 4.54