Thursday, February 25, 2016

~historical fiction~

our selection for historical fiction was~

this is our highest rated book since the club began 2 years ago, with the exception of one member, everyone felt it was a very good to excellent read! the book was very nostalgic for most, which we mimicked in the kitchen with our 60s retro recipes. our breakdown was the following~

barbara 4.5
beverly 5
carol 4.5
christy 4.5
cindy 5
ellen 5
                ... taft 4
hillary 4.5
jain 5
janell 3
                          ...sheryl jean 3
jeri 4.5
julie 4.5
mary kay 4.5
sally 5
sally paul 5
suzette 5
virginia 5

average of 4.8


  1. I am going to bring a 1960's inspired salad with green
    goddess dressing and a bottle of white wine.

  2. I will bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine.
    Mary Kay

  3. Plan to bring Mac n cheese, Carol

  4. I am planning on coming and looking forward to seeing you. I will bring a tomato salad that can be a main dish. I will bring some wine. I want to congratulate Julie! Hillary

  5. I will bring a soup. I do not know where Julie lives. So if someone would please call me. Virginia

  6. I will be there and I am bringing our new neighbor Sheryl Jean. I believe she has read the book. As far as food, I will let you know shortly. At the moment I am fresh out of ideas. Janell

  7. Count me in! Not sure what I'll bring, but it will be vegetarian…Jeri
    Can't wait to see the new bride!

  8. I will bring wine and something made with Velveeta that would probably qualify as an appetizer.

  9. Bringing a salad/side. Janell

  10. So sorry to have missed this event which I had really been looking forward to…I had prepared a lovely jello mold called a Creamy Avocado/Cucumber salad ( I even went on a treasure hunt, of sorts, to find a jello mold. (Mine are all packed up in storage in the south Bay.) I thought the book was really well written, although the story was not a happy one. I gave it a 4.5!
    Unfortunately, I was in the ER with my husband until 8:30 last evening. He had a fall which resulted in a badly fractured wrist. Poor timing on his part!!!
    I was looking forward to spending a happy evening with the new bride and all of you. Regards, Jeri