Thursday, January 28, 2016

~a book over 500 pages~

our selection for a book over 500 pages was

we really kicked off our new year meeting with a bang, first we toasted to julie on the eve of her wedding, with none other than ellen herself officiating the ceremony in the city tomorrow. next i have to hand it to our group for really getting into the spirit of our book by bringing russian recipes, and who could forget jeri's adorable russian ensemble, its so nice to see everyone embrace our books!

tonight we started the meeting off with a brief recap of our year.

our top three books of 2015

dead wake  us 4.4 amazon 4.5
etta and otto and russel and james  us 4.4 amazon 4
umbrian thursday night supper club  us 4 amazon 4.5

our least favorite book of the year

shell collector us 2.7 amazon 4

our yearly avg 3.53 to amazons 4.2

our indivdual averages for the year

barbara 3.5
bev 3.2
carol 3.5
christy 3.5
cindy 3.8
ellen 4.5
jain 4.1
janell 3.8
jeri 3.4
julie 3.6
mary kay 3.5
sally 2.8
sally paul 4
suzette 3.5
virginia 3

after some additional business on hand, we moved on to the discussion of the book, which truly engaged everyone! as you can see from the ratings below this has been our favorite group book. the book was well received on a multitude of levels, being historical fiction it appealed to the majority of us, some enjoyed the romance and paranormal activity, while others not so much, yet neither distraction put a damper in our over all ratings. firebird was a sequel to winter sea, which several others went on to read, a further nod to their enjoyment of this author. our ratings were the following~
barbara 5
beverly 4
christy 4
cindy 5
ellen 5
jain 4.5
janell 4.5
                ...heidi 4
jeri 4
mary kay 5
sally 5
sally paul 4.5
suzette 4
virginia 4.5

our group average 4.54