Thursday, December 15, 2016

~an uplifting book for the holidays~

our selection for an uplifting holiday book was~

what a wonderful evening we had at bevs! her home was gorgeous, dressed in greens and silver, glistening and just waiting for us all, including these beautiful hand made Christmas fir soaps...

the food was sublime, everyone really made this an extra special evening!

including the little chocolate mice...

a special thanks to bev for such a beautiful evening, the food, our gifts, it was all spectacular and thanks to cindy for adding the extra merriment for everyone too with mittens to muffs!

our book had mixed reviews, yet still ranked high, what we all agreed upon is next november we will select a person to create our very first 12 days of magic! we all loved the message, it was very touching to hear barb say how long it took her to get into the chirstmas spirit after her father passed,  surely this kind action would help to change someones life for the better.
our votes were the following~
barbara 5
beverly 4
carol 3
cindy 2
ellen 5
jain 4.5
julie 3.5
mary kay 4
sally 4.5
sally paul 5
virginia 5

group average

Thursday, November 17, 2016

~a non fiction book~

our selection for a non fiction book and movie was~

despite the heaviness of the topic of our book, carol out did herself with the perfect concession stand and everyone arrived with delicious food as always!

our book tonight split our group quite clearly, it was either a love or hate situation. those that opted out on bevs rule could not get past the simplistic writing in the first third of the book. everyone who read the book agreed it was not well written, but for those that rated it a 5 they voted on the story, not the delivery. for those that stayed on and skipped the book they did prefer the movie, even though some felt it was slow. sally suggested we google irena and watch some of her many utube videos.

our votes were the following
utilizing the bev rule
barbara 5
beverly 3
cindy 5
jain 5
julie 3
mary kay 5
sally 2
sally paul 5

group avg

Thursday, October 27, 2016

~ a mystery or thriller~

our selection for a mystery or thriller book was~

 it was a very fun rainy night at the cafĂ©! thanks to ellen, our table was extra festive with skull glassware, spooky spiders and halloween tattoos, the perfect setting for our english thriller. overall everyone found the book a page burner, all eager to hit the finish line! we all enjoyed the seaside setting, cringed at the abuse, and loved the twist in the middle. our ratings were the following~
carol 4
cindy 5
ellen 5
jain 3.5
julie 4.5
mary kay 4.5
sally 5
sally pau5
virginia 5

group average

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

~Upcoming Genres~

~please leave your ideas here for upcoming genres~
we will vote for our new GENRES in june 2017

~a book set by the sea~
sept beach party

~a mystery, thriller or scary book~

~newly released~

waking lions
The life she was given

~an uplifting book~

let it snow
Twelve dogs of Christmas
Mr ives Christmas
Remember Christmas
2am in cats pajamas
The reader on the 6.27

 ~a winter book~

winter soltice
all the winters after

~historical fiction~

The woman who heard color
Killers of the flower moon

~a bookclub favorites~

~a book about books~

the borrower
the book that matters most
Midnight at the bright ideas bookstore


we are not ourselves
the sisters of st croix
the warmth of other suns

~a nyt bestseller~
~a book set in california~
~ non fiction ~

Thursday, September 29, 2016

~a book set by the sea~

it's our second annual beach party!
our selection for a book set by the sea was~

i hope everyone had as much fun as i did! the weather was typical dillon beach, cold and blowing, but we all braved the evening, bundled up, drank up and chatted up the evening by a toasty campfire!

as easy as finding true north, we always know our point of direction to the buffet table!

julie and cindy provided a little dinner theater for us all~

nice work girls, i am sure you worked up an appetite for dessert!

once again i think we all had a fabulous time!
oh yeah the book, yeah, sure, we read it!
it was a mixed bag for everyone, but i think we all enjoyed the location, the physical element of the book and the vast array of issues she tackled from abandonment to accepting oneself.
our ratings were the following~
beverly 3.5
cindy 4
ellen 4
jain 3.5
julie 3
mary kay 4
sally 4
sally paul 5
virginia 2

group average