Thursday, December 17, 2015

~a book set during the holidays~

our selection for a book set during the holiday was~

this month was our first ever progressive dinner, divided into teams, we had cocktails and appetizers at jain's house, followed up with dinner and dessert at virginia's.

if anyone has pics to share, please let me know, i only take pics when the sun is out, sorry i don't have more to share of our BEAUTIFUL evening at virginias! her house was incredible, a real treat to dine in the great hall and have dessert in the parlor, and thank you for that rousing bday song! the night was capped off with a fun round of steal that gift, thank heavens a gift dies the 3rd time or julie and i would have been forever whining!

although the evening was a great success, the book was not for the majority... for the 2 of us that enjoyed it we liked his australian humor, strained through england and plunked right into france. the others felt he was too pretentious and generally were just not entertained... our break down was the following~

beverly 1.5
carol 4
christy 2
cindy 2
ellen 4
jain 4
janell 2
julie 3
mary kay 3
sally 2.5
sally paul 2.5
suzette 2
virginia 2

group avg 2.77