Thursday, October 29, 2015

~a book set in the future~

our selection for a book set in the future was~

 a HUGE thank you to sally paul for hosting us on such short notice, her tables were stunning and her home was magical!

 after a delicious meal, girls we are getting better and better with every potluck, we sat down for a good discussion about the book...with only 2 naysayers in the group, the book was a hit! for the majority of us who enjoyed it we realized how close we truly are to such dire outcomes. several felt jilted that the book was not nicely wrapped up with themes and characters coming to a closure, where others felt it was part of the disjointed reality of an apocalypse, you just don't always get what you want! bottom line is we found it to be a very good read.

barbara 4
beverly 1
carol 4
cindy 4
ellen 5
jain 5
janell 4
jeri 4
julie 4
mary kay 4
sally 1
sally paul 4
virginia 3.5

group average