Friday, September 25, 2015

~a book set by the sea~

our selection for a book set by the sea was~

welcome to our first annual book club beach party! the only thing missing at this meeting was a good book... suffice to say, this was not a book for us cal gals. although this book won many awards, was amazons best book of the year in 2009, etc., our happy little beach girls found it dreary, dragging and depressing, those canadians just can't compete with our blissful california living! in all fairness, a couple of us found him to be a good writer, but spanning 200 years of characters was a daunting task and we all felt little connection to anyone to make it a worthwhile read... only a wee handful finished the book, and even then skimming was included :-(
cindy 3
jain 3.5
jeri 2.5
julie 3

group average 3

on to the real fun of the evening, it was a perfect night for a beach party!