Friday, July 31, 2015

~a magical book~

our selection for a magical book was~

i think this book was one of our more engaging conversations, there was very much a love hate division on this one! those that embraced the book loved the misty moments, getting lost in the fog and axl's and beatrices's love story. those disinterested in this book found it a tedious, repetitive slog, with several just unable to even finish the book. many focused on the personal side of the loss of memory, i tended to slant more to the historical side of it. the joy of the book club is hearing everyones opinions, reading can be such a personal experience thats its always engaging to hear anothers take on the very same words. just like amazon, we came out with a neutral rating between the 5's and 1's~

barbara 2
beverly 3
carol 3.5
christy 3.5
cindy 5
hillary 5
jain 5
janell 4
jeri 2
mary kay 4.5
sally 2.5
suzette 2
virginia 1

group average