Thursday, June 25, 2015

2015 reading challenge

if you feel like joining in, leave a comment and i will add your books in~

a banned book
   bev~i am malala 3
   jain~i am malala, 4.5
a book a friend recommended
   bev~two coots in a canoe, jain  3.5
   janell~the shell collecor, julie 3
   jain~patron saint of ugly, pam 5
   suzette~the storied life of aj frikey, jain 5
a book at the bottom of your to read list
   jain~600 hours of edward 5
   suzette~lamb 2.5
a book based entirely on its cover
   jain~a boat, a whale, and a walrus 4
   suzzette~paris a love story 4
a book based on a true story
   bev~dead wake 5
   jain~leaving time 5
   suzette~illuminations 4
a book based on or turned into a tv show
   jain~andy cohen diaries 3.5
   suzette~the dovekeepers 5
a book by a female author
   bev~the good house 4
   jain~i am having so much fun without you 4
   suzette~goodnight june 4.5
a book by an author you've never read before
   bev~the storied life of aj frikey 4
   jain~lives in ruin 2
   suzette~the art of hearing heartbeats 5
a book from an author you love that you haven't read yet
   jain~look of love, sarah jio 4.5
   suzette~invention of wings, sue monk kidd 5
a book from your childhood
   jain~the magicians nephew 4
a book more that 100 years old
   jain~the secret garden 4
a book of short stories
  jain~a year of reading dangerously 3
a book originally written in another language
   jain~shadow of the wind, spanish 5
a book over 500 pages
   jain~winters tale, 770 pages 5
   suzette~winters sea, 520 pages, 5
a book published this year
   bev~etta and otto and russel and james 4
   jain~etta and otto and russel and james 5
   suzette~etta and otto and russel and james 4.5
a book set during xmas
   jain~aquarium 5
a book set in a different country
   bev~13 blue envelopes, europe 3.5
   jain~not my father's son, scotland 5
   suzette~mr rosenblum dreams in color, england, 3.5  
a book set in high school
   bev~firefly lane 5
   jain~first frost 4
   suzette~patron saint of ugly 5
a book set in the future
   bev~the shell collector 3
   jain~the martian 4.5
   suzette~the shell collector 3
a book set somewhere you always wanted to visit
   bev~at least you are in tuscany, italy 4
   jain~the rosie project, australia 3.5
   suzette~norwegian by night 4.5
a book that becomes a movie
   jain~code talker 5
   suzette~this is where i leave you 5
a book that came out the year you were born
   jain~the horse and his boy, 1954, 4
a book that made you cry
   jain~the love song of queenie hennessy 5
   suzette~the love song of queenie hennessy 5
a book that scares you
   jain~what she left behind 4
   suzette~mr mercedes 4.5
a book that takes place in your hometown
   bev~something in stone, dillon beach 2.5
   jain~something in stone, dillon beach 3.5
a book with a color in the title
   bev~green heart 2.5
   jain~red pyramid 4
a book with a love triangle
   bev~loving frank 4
   jain~husband's secret 5
   suzette~girl on a train 4.5
a book with a one word title
   jain~revolution 3.5
   suzette~watermark 3.5
a book with antonyms in the title
   jain~sweet honey, bitter lemons 3.5
a book with bad reviews
   Bev~buried giant 3.5
   jain~lost and found 5
   suzette~family fang 4
a book with magic
   bev~dress shop of dreams 4
   jain~dress shop of dreams 4.5
   suzette~dress shop of dreams 4
a book with nonhuman characters
   bev~the island of the sequined love nun 3.5
   jain~stardust, fairies, 4
   suzette~leaving time,elephants, 5
a book written by someone under 30
   jain~tune in toyko 2
a book written with your same initials as the author
   jain~second star from the right 3.5
a book you can finish in a day
   bev~mean streak 3.5
   jain~a novel cure 4
a book you own but haven't read
   jain~the storied life of aj frikey 4.5
   suzette~the highest tide 5
a book you started but never finished
   bev~to the field of stars 3
   jain~the sisters brothers 2
a book you were supposed to read in school but didn't
   jain~the lion the witch and the wardrobe 4
a book your mom loves
   jain~somewhere safe and something good 2
a classic romance
   bev~beach house 4
   jain~winters sea 5
   suzette~letters from skye 5
a funny book
   bev~the rosie project 4.5
   jain~i must say 4
   suzette~night counter 4.5 
a graphic novel
   Bev~the harder they come 4
   jain~boston girl 3
   suzette~ valley of amazement 3.5
a memoir
   bev~my mother was nutz
   jain~most talkative 3
   suzette~bossy pants 3.5
a mystery or thriller
   janell~dark places
   jain~sleep tight 4
   suzette~my sisters grave 3
a nonfiction book
   bev~what the phychic told the pilgrim 5
   jain~libertys torch 5
   suzette~yes please
a number in the title
   bev~12 months 4
   jain~thirteenth tale 5
   suzette~600 hours of edward 4
a play
a popular authors first book
   bev~three wishes 3.5
   jain~outlander 5
a pulitzer prize winning book
a trilogy
   janell~1 my brilliant friend
              2 the story of a new name
              those who leave and those who stay
   jain~1 mercury falls 4
           2 mercury rises 4
           3 mercury rests 4
   bev~1 1000 days in venice 4
          2 1000 days in tuscany 4
          3 that summer in sicily 4

~a book based on a true story~

our selection for a book based on a true story was~

we returned to carols house for a truly glorious evening at the beach with good food, friends and book! overall this book was very well received, many stated they would not have selected a book in this genre but were surprised how much they enjoyed it. some points we touched on for discussion were about wilson's state of mind, the uboat captains youth, room 40 and about trying to drag the americans into the war sooner than later. we all agreed he is a good writer, but a few found his attention to detail a little overbearing, although a couple enjoyed it all! our group rating follows below~

barbara 4.5
beverly 4.5
carol 4.5
hillary 4.5
jain 5
janell 3.5
jeri 4
                  ... chrissy 4
julie 4
marcia 4.5
mary kay 4.5
sally 4
suzette 5
virginia 4.5

group average 4.36