Saturday, March 28, 2015

~a book published in 2015~

~our selection for a a book published in 2015 was~

etta and otto and russel and james was selected as our new book for 2015 after jain suggested it when she had finished it right before a prior meeting. overall this book was very well received, the fluid, almost lyrical writing coupled with living in a hazy memory daze propelled most of us rapidly to the ending... and then we still didn't know what happened! for many of us that was acceptable, to just sit back for the ride, several others had a hard time enjoying the book without more concrete conclusions. our votes were the following~
beverly 4
carol 4.5
cindy 2.5
hillary 5
jain 5
janell 5
jeri 5
julie 3
marla 4
sally p 5
suzette 4.5

avg 4.32

Thursday, March 26, 2015

~a mystery or thriller~

our selection for a mystery or thriller was~

my sisters grave was selected from a short list of books in this genre due to its high ratings on amazon, but it fell short with our group! for many of us, we were compelled to read it to the end, it held our attention, but with numerous shortcomings it just didn't live up to the high ratings we were hoping for. without tossing out any spoilers, i personally was totally ticked off at the out come, it felt cheaty! our group consensus was the following~

carol 3
cindy 3
ellen 3.5
hillary 1
jain 3.5
jeri 3.5
julie 4
mary kay 1.5
suzette 3