Friday, January 30, 2015

the shell collector

julie selected~

julie selected our book the shell collector which received very mixed reviews. for some the ocean aspect of the book was greatly appreciated, since we are a coastal town it was easy for a few to enjoy that vein of the book. several of us gave it high marks when we started, but all of us agree that is took a head long tumble toward the end. for many it was so absurd they couldn't even enjoy a sea shell, for others they were eager enough to want to learn they did a bit of googling. it was a lively discussion but bottom line it came out a just a bit below an average read.

barbara 2
beverly 3
carol 3
ellen 4
hillary 1
jain 3
janell 3
jeri 1.5
julie 3.5
mary kay 3
sally 2.5
suzette 3

group average 2.7

the storied life of a j.fikry and one year anniversary for dillon beach book club!

jain selected~

this meeting marks the one year mark for the dillon beach book club, thanks to suzette for wanting to meet her neighbors, she got what she wished for! its been a wonderful year of books, food and new friends, THANK YOU SUZETTE

our meeting took place in hillarys wonderful multi layered home with good food and conversation a plenty. overall this was a well received book by the group, with a few just not as enchanted. the consensus was it was a feel good book, everyone being pulled to the center by maya and the bookstore. 

bev 4
carol 4
cindy 3.5
ellen 5
hillary 3.5
jain 4.5
janell 5
julie 4.5
marla 4.5
mary kay 4.5
sally 3
suzette 5

average 4.25

~just a quick recap of books for the year~

    4.6 big little lies-janell
 4.5 a man called ove-jain
     4.34 hope street-jain 
    4.25 the storied life of a.j. frikey-jain
    4.19 ragtime-celest
      4.14 beautiful forevers-bev
          4.00 glass blower from murano-ellen
   3.72 children act-carol
      3.39 skipping christmas-ellen
   3.23 inferno-linda
 2.35 from the summit-sally
   1.12 dancing naked in fuzzy slippers-marla