Thursday, September 25, 2014

a man called ove

a small group of us selected this swedish book...

when you arrive at carol's you are welcomed by her hip hugging house nestled into the hillside...

built as a forever home, it has strong architectural structure balanced with the breathtaking views

the table was quickly laden with food

we dinned on carols fresh salmon, smoked at the tides, pea and bacon salad, eddies smoked pork, grilled shrimp, fresh bread and brie, apples and brie tarts, zucchini bread with pumpkin butter and suzette surprised us with her pre 61 year old birthday cake for the 28th.

and off we go for a tour of her wonderful home...

including bumping into some additional recommendations~

how can you resist enjoying this protected view, and of course kenny has the most comfy seat in the house.

while suzette tried to quickly read the last 37 pages of the book...

bev and i played in the elevator!
dinner was served at the magic hour, bites were suspended in hopes of the illusive green flash...

 now on to the book!

the book had mixed reviews, for several they detested ove and thought the book didn't really grab them until about 2/3 of the way in, but eventually ove won them over and all four had a good cry at the end. suzette had the honor of baring her soul/and tears live and in front of the group as she closed the book just as the last of the ladies arrived.

speaking for myself i was the most enthusiastic about ove, i loved the humor and found  many deeply touching lines throughout the book. to me it was about honor, unspeakable loss and love, all written by a man that really touched my heartstrings!

 it was a slim group that had finished the book, the ratings will adjust as the rest share their results upon completion.

beverly 4
carol 4.5
ellen 5
jain 5
janell 4
julie 4.5
suzette 4.5

average 4.5