Thursday, August 28, 2014

glass blower of murano

ellen selected our book...

beverly's eager little and large pups greeted us as we entered her spectacular home, welcoming us all to relax and breath in the beauty of her abode. i have to confess, i love to read, but i love seeing everyone's homes even more! and this is stunning... the soft shades of sand and sea envelope you the moment you walk into her great room. walls of glass bring the beach right to your toes and swirl the fog around your shoulders. calm, relaxing, rewarding, with the perfect spots to curl up with a good book and never move a muscle. heavy sigh of contentment from me!

i fear i was rather amiss with gathering all the food pics, i was too busy engaging with the d├ęcor, scenery and drifting out to sea, one of the few moments where food did not take precedence with me! BUT, we did have a delicious meal with asian noodle salad, hoison meatballs, baguettes with asiago, corn, tomato and green bean salad, chicken wings, sushi, and 2 desserts with puff pastry pears and a beautiful cake!

on to our book! ellen shared how much she enjoys period books, where you delve back into history, juxtaposed against the current modern day times. her allure with the book was venice, evoking many memories for her, along with her love of history.  on a whole the book was well received, with the few disclaimers that it felt a bit like a cheesy romance novel with the future all wrapped up in such a pretty little bow.

beverly 4.5
carol 4
ellen 5
jain 3
janell 4
julie 4.5
suzette 3

average 4