Thursday, July 31, 2014

dancing naked in red fuzzy slippers

marla not only selected our book, but graciously hosted us all once again~

as cute as the title may be, it was a resounding flop for all of us... the good news is that we can still enjoy ourselves in such wonderful company and surroundings!

who knew the best thing about the book was some fun foot apparel! 

and maybe some pie too~

once again we were treated to marlas darling seaside inspired home

i adore her new italian dishes...

earlier in the summer we spent a morning playing with the serving pieces by and in the sea for her fabulous shop coastal bliss designs...

can you tell I love her stuff?

ok, back to her coastal cozy home and d├ęcor!

her brand new gorgeous table was quickly laden with a multitude of goodies for its initial christening: fresh french bread and cheese, broccoli salad, chicken salad, potato salad, bread salad, tuna crostini, bacon wrapped chicken, chocolate ginger dipped figs and triple berry pie with ginger whip cream~

i think its safe to say we were a very happy group!

ps i warned you ladies i don't take very good people pics, sorry suzette i caught you with your eyes closed, but at least you are all smiles!

for the mere formality of keeping it real, here was our breakdown of the book...

Beverly 1
Brenda 1
Ellen 2
Jain 1
Janell 1
Julie 1
Marla 1
Suzette 1
avg 1.12
we all found her writing uninspired, tedious and dare i say boring... it was a private journal that i think should have stayed that way! no one in the group could connect with her... we don't need to say more, for almost all of us to feel the same we can just chalk this one off and get on to other topics of the night.

we had an interesting discussion about further selections... instead of blindly picking new books to read, it has been suggested that each person recommend a book that they have already read and enjoyed, this way perhaps we can come up with a stronger read for the group. ellen selected the glass blower of murano for our august 28th meeting at beverly's home.