Thursday, June 26, 2014

behind the beautiful forevers~

beverly selected our book~

welcome to janell's home, stroll past her lavender and olive flanked walkway, enter her charming gates and step into her darling seaside courtyard...

pop off your shoes, we are heading upstairs for a wonderful evening of food and chatter in her spacious light filled great room, with stellar water views and swaths of golden lupine illuminating the hillside...

as always, food is a delightful topic amongst friends... we dined on thai pasta salad, bean salad, kale salad, chips and parmesan dip, zucchini torte, berry compote with cream fraiche and s'more cookies, but WINE is the key selling point!

after a little wrangling, we were able to guide our conversation to the topic on hand, our book reviews~

angel 4
beverly 2
carol 5
cindy 3
ellen 1
jain 4
janell 4
julie 4
marla 1
sally 2.5
suzette 4

group average 3.14

overall, we found this book was a difficult read, these are my words, but it was hard topic, on a harsh reality, with no glimmer of hope... of course reading books of this nature are important to jar us from our comfort zones, but it was brought up that some people have such little extra time for reading that they would prefer not to read such grim books, perhaps we could pick something lighter next time. marla filled the bill on that instantly, offering up dancing naked with red fuzzy slippers as our next book de jour :-)

it was another wonderful evening of spirited chatter at janell's, thank you so much for hosting us all again, your home and food were delightful!