Thursday, May 29, 2014

view from the summit~

sally selected view from the summit

our meeting was held on may 29th at julies house, and what a house it was indeed! from the moment you spot her house you know you are in for something special...

hello everyone we are...

from the moment you walk up julie's stairs you are in the most artsy, whimsical, flirty, fun, captivating home, that you just can't wait to explore every inch of her beautiful beach house! from her personally hand crafted oyster light fixture, you can begin to tick your head in a 360 degree circle and not help but be enchanted, delighted and surprised by every nook and cranny of this light filled paradise...

her artistry knows no boundaries, ones mans trash is this womans treasure~

of course you didn't think we weren't going to comb through every inch of her house did you? dream on... and i do mean this is truly a sea dream delight to the senses~

time to get down to some serious business... and by that i mean all the lovely food! and of course, when i have a choice of holding a camera, or eating, i am afraid the fork will always win...which means i missed shooting the fully laden table :-( here is just a wee sampling of the goodies, we indulged in dolmas and hummus, pita chips with tzatiki, buffalo wings, ceviche, caesar salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, caprese, lavender lemon cookies, sticky pudding and the hit of the party were julie's jalapeno poppers!

ok enough of the asides, time to talk books!

beverly   1
carol   3
cindy   3
ellen   3
jain   3
janell   2.5
julie   1
marla   1  
sally   3
suzette   3

group average 2.35

sadly, we pretty much thought this book was kinked!

but the evening was certainly not a loss for this group, what hillary lacked in hilarity, we more than made up for it! not a single one of my pics is in focus, but perhaps all grouped together you get the feeling of merriment and movement, like a silent flicker film... but this ain't silent, this is full on rockin and rollin! congratulations to julie for buying her new house, putting her that much closer to dillon because girl you sure know how to throw a fun party! 


...see you all next month at janell's...