Thursday, April 24, 2014

the house at the end of hope street~

our book, and meeting, was both selected and hosted by jain. the house at the end of hope street.

it was a wonderful turn out with 3 new members, we welcomed cindy pena, leslie warren and julie deLeuze. julie jumped right in and offered her house for next months meeting! with loads of merriment, food, drink and chatter we rated the book as following~

angel 5
angie 5
beverly 4.5
brenda 4.5
carol 2.5
carolyn 3.5
doris 4
ellen 5
ginnie 4.5
jain 3.5
janell 5
julie 4.5
leslie 3.5
marla 5
sally 4.5
suzette 5

average group rating 4.3

a bit of the behind the scenes prepping before your arrival~


before shot, hoping the day would clear for the meeting...

but you were greeted with no view, only fog and rain~

thank you ladies for all the delicious food and good company, it was delightful spending the evening with you all!